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Australian made woohoo body deodorant - Tango

Supporting Australian Made (sustainable) Products & our Top 8 Favs!

Here at Diminish you can shop confidently knowing that over 60% of our products are handmade right here in Australia. Our top 8 Favs could be making their way into your eco-home!

Our local suppliers put sustainability first (just like us), and are making waves in their eco-businesses by creating quality items for conscious consumers just like you!

Shopping locally

Did you know that nearly 70% of the products we consume are made overseas?

When we buy products that are made overseas, we're supporting those economies - rather than our own.

However, there is a bright spot! Australian-made products make up approximately 20% of our total purchases. When you choose to purchase locally made products, you're not only supporting local businesses, you're also helping to create jobs here in Australia AND supporting our own economy.

Why Supporting Australian-Made Matters

There's the obvious reasons why supporting Australian-made products - matters - i.e. job growth, supporting local business & our own economy. 

There's also other reasons why shopping locally is important:

  • Local communities – Australian-made products support local communities by providing employment and revenue.
  • Environment – You’re reducing your ecological footprint as much as possible by limiting carbon emissions from long-distance transport.
  • Quality – Local businesses often go out of their way to create reliable, high-quality items that represent the best of Australia.

If you're ready to start shopping locally - then keep reading!

Today I'm sharing my top 8 Australian-made (sustainable) products that are sold right here at Diminish:

  • Woohoo Body Deodorants
  • The Naked Soap Company Dishwash soap bar
  • The Australian Natural Soap Company Macadamia facial soaps
  • Delicious treats from The Chocolaterie Chocolates
  • Shampoo with a Purpose Shampoo & Conditioner Bars
  • Earth Greetings gift cards
  • Wrappa reusable food wraps
  • Planet Revive’s unpaper towel

Let's take a closer look at these favs!

1. Woohoo Body Deodorants

When it comes to fresh and natural body deodorants, Woohoo is definitely a favourite by many!

Sourced and produced entirely in Australia, Woohoo's deodorants contain plant-based ingredients, like coconut oil and sunflower oil. They're also free from aluminum, parabens, and alcohol, which are common ingredients in many commercial deodorants.

Woohoo Body deodorants are your toxin-free alternative to anti-persperant deodorants.

They are 100% natural, vegan & cruelty-free and are handmade in NSW by a husband and wife team. These guys spent months looking for the perfect formula for this now award-winning plastic-free deodorant.

Here are some facts about this deodorant you'll love:

  • It’s waterless.
  • It works on feet as well
  • It can be used under your bra if you are prone to chafing
  • It’s aluminum free

What makes these deodorants a perfect-fit for Diminish is that they're completely plastic-free. They come in biodegradable (home-compostable) cardboard tubes or reusable (or recyclable) tins.

If you haven’t tried these deodorants before I definitely recommend giving them a try!

For added peace of mind, Woohoo is certified cruelty-free by Choose Cruelty-Free (CCF) and approved by the Vegan Society.

Woohoo body all natural deodorant anti chafe stick (orange)

2. The Naked Soap Company Dishwash soap bar

The Naked Soap Company is a South Australian-run small business. Their name is what they are all about – naked soaps!

“Our goal is to create natural skincare products that are eco-friendly and free from plastic. We produce skincare packaged only with recyclable or compostable materials and where possible completely free from packaging and Naked.” (The Naked Soap Company)

We now stock up to 30 non-toxic AND plastic-free skincare products from their range, with one of our best sellers being this 100% natural Dishwashing soap block.

Finalist in the Clean and Conscious Awards – this huge dish wash soap is free from all the nasties and perfect for sensitive skin.

300 grams of pure goodness!

Not only is this diswashing soap bar environmentally friendly, it's also incredibly effective at it's job! It's up to 5 times more concentrated than liquid detergents so - you use less & it's long-lasting. Plus, it lathers quickly and removes stubborn grease stains with ease.

With just one bar of this soap, you can wash up to 120 loads of dishes – a cost-effective purchase that not only supports Australian Made products but also reduces your environmental impact! It's a win win!

The Naked Soap Company Dishwashing Soap Bar

3. The Australian Natural Soap Company Macadamia Facial Soap

100% macadamia oil is the star ingredient of The Australian Natural Soap Company's Macadamia Facial Soap. A luxurious facial soap providing a gentle hydrating cleanse for your skin.

Another beautiful family-run Australian business. And an ethical business of choice for many. The Australian Natural Soap Company believe 'Nature knows best. "Plants power our entire range. Not parabens, sulphates, fake fragrances, preservatives or petrochemicals".

Their non-toxic skincare range uses the highest quality plant oils for all skin types. Not to mention that their range leaves minimal impact on our precious Planet, with their sustainable packaging.

This Pure Macadamia Facial Soap is ideal for sensitive skin and it comes highly recommended!

The Australian Natural Soap Company Macadamia Facial Soap

4. Wanderlightly Bug Balm

If you’re looking for an all-natural bug balm to protect you from pesky critters, Wanderlightly’s handmade Bug Balm is an ideal eco choice. 

Bronze winner & editor's choice in the 2021 Clean & Conscious Awards.

Made with non-toxic, vegan-friendly ingredients including:

  • Combine wax with lavender essential oils to soothe inflamed skin
  • Cold-pressed jojoba provides a protective layer that prevents bugs from sticking to your skin
  • Citronella essential oil helps repel insects

Organic butter and oils (citronella, lemon myrtle, lavender, cedar wood, patchouli) all work together to help keep the bugs at the bay.

Plus what makes these bug balms even more environmentally friendly is that they’re made in cardboard tubes which can simply be home-composted when empty.

So, if the summer bugs love you – this sustainable switch is ideal for you.

Wanderlightly bug balm in a home compostable tube

5. Shampoo with a Purpose Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Shampoo with a Purpose has earned its place on our top 8 favs list for its commitment to sustainability! Infact - they were one of the very first brands to come up with the plastic-free soap bar!

"We were the first Australian company to make non-tallow soap, and the first to encourage the packaging free display of naked soap bars, having a minimal-waste brand since 1983." Shampoo with a Purpose 

Their range of non-toxic shampoo & conditioner bars are free from palm oil, sulphates, animal by-part, plastic packaging, and additives.

The natural formula inside these bars is designed to provide a deeply nourishing cleanse that leaves your scalp and hair feeling refreshed.  Plus these bars are gentle on your locks while still providing an effective cleanse.

They're a perfect fit inside our store, providing you with the very best in Australia-made, non-toxic AND Planet-friendly haircare products.

Each bar will last you up to 3 times longer than your average shampoo or conditioner bottle & can deter up to 6 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill.

A switch that you won't regret!

Shampoo with a Purpose all natural shampoo and conditioner

6. Earth Greetings gift cards

Earth Greetings are by far one of my favourite Australian brands.

They are Australia’s original Earth-friendly greeting card & stationery brand. And here’s what makes their gift cards eco-friendly.

Firstly, they’re made on 100% recycled paper (and the envelope too). They’re printed in Australia with vegetable-based ink. And the cards and envelopes are 100% recyclable or home-compostable.

That’s the sustainable side – then there’s the design!

Each gift-card has a unique print, and each one is designed by an Australian artist. The gorgeous colors and designs are inspired by Australian themes (think fauna & fauna, Indigenous artwork, and desert landscapes).

So next time you pick up that gift card wrapped in plastic at your newsagency – perhaps opt for a Earth Greetings card instead here at Diminish.

Earth greetings recyclable gift card with floral design

7. Wrappa reusable food wraps

Wrappa Reusable Food Wraps are by far one of my favourite Australian made sustainable products.

Infact - they are handmade right here in South Australia (my home state)!

They are made from 100% cotton fabric, plant based wax (vegan friendly), damar resin and jojoba oil, and are your simple solution to plastic-free food covers!

This one simple switch will see you never having to buy cling wrap again!

Especially if you're a household that likes to entertain - you could be using up to 24 rolls of cling wrap a year.

Instead try this eco & cost-effective switch!

These Wrappa reusable food wraps come in a variety of sizes and patterns and can be used for all of your storage needs from bread, cheese, and other food items to flowers, books, or even art materials!

Wrappa handmade reusable food wraps. Cling wrap alternative.

8. Planet Revive’s unpaper towel

Last - by definitely not least! Planet Revive’s unpaper towel are about to revolutionize your kitchen. Perfect for those who are seeking cost-effective ways to minise their waste.

These reusable, machine-washable cloths are extremely absorbant (made from cotton or bamboo), and are your eco-alternative to single-use paper towels.

And with each Planet Revive's unpaper towel having a lifespan of up to 500 washes, you won’t have to worry about replacing them in the near future!

The best part is that Planet Revive is an Australian-owned and operated business. All of their sustainable products are handmade in Australia.

This simple eco-switch is a must have for your home!

Planet Revives roll of unpaper towel (paper towel alternative).

Supporting Australian-made (& our Planet)!

Our extensive range of Australian-made products doesn’t end here! 

In fact, we now have over 90 Planet-friendly products that are locally made and eagerly awaiting to make their way into your eco-home (and heart)!