Our make-up range comes plastic free, free from animal ingredients and free from animal testing. 

We will be extending this range in the near future.
  1. Set of 11 plastic free make-up brushes sitting on small rocks with a tin and yellow flower in the background. On top of a cloth.
  1. Ever eco black reusable and eco-friendly cotton make-up wipes. Spread over a bathroom vanity.
  1. 6 round zero waste make up remover pads spread out ontop of a canvas cloth and coming out of a cotton bag. Big green leaf on the side.
  1. The Australian Natural Soap Company Facial Soap
  1. 3 pack of Wanderlightly face scrubbies. Handmade facial wipes on a benchtop.
  1. 1 cardboard tube of wanderlightly all natural cocoa vanilla lip balm
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  1. 2 round bars of plastic free all natural vegan facial soap. On a white background with some greenery in the background.
  1. Packaged free handmade round facial soaps on a white background.
  1. The Naked Soap Company Handmade Lip Tint
  1. 3 bars of zero waste all natural facial scrub. On a white towel with some green leaves in the background.
  1. 1 silver aluminium tin of all natural vegan lip balm.Vegan and handmade. On white background.
  1. 1 opened tin of zero waste cream colour blush, reddish in colour. On a white background.


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