Christmas Gifts For Her

  1. Set of 4 all all natural face masks with bamboo spoon. Plus a lavendar and facial soap bar and a cotton soap storage bag.
  1. Mini Deluxe Zero Waste Pamper pack
  1. zero waste and eco friendly gift pack in a box with green tissue paper. Includes bamboo cotton buds, body loofah, lavender soap, soap tin, 2 bamboo toothbrushes, toothbrush stand and a toothbrush travel case. Green leaf in the background and on a white surface.
  1. Zero waste shaving soap bar on a bamboo soap dish sitting next to a rose gold reusable razor. With some green leaves and cotton back in the background. On white.
  1. natural eco-friendly body loofah and zero waste round scrub soap bar. With some lavender in the background. On white.
  1. Rose gold eco-friendly reusable razor. Styled on a bathroom benchtop.
  1. The Family Hub Organics Vegan Food Wraps Starter Set - 4 pcs
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  1. Set of 11 plastic free make-up brushes sitting on small rocks with a tin and yellow flower in the background. On top of a cloth.
  1. Set of 6 reusable silicone food covers. On a bowl, fruit and plates. Sitting on a benchtop with oranges placed around.
  1. Earth Greetings Nature Inspired Journal with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper
  1. Family hub organics vegan food wraps 2 pack. Reusable, washable and compostable. On a white background.
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  1. Stainless steel bento snack box with 2 compartments. This bento box is plastic free eco friendly and reusable. Sitting on a kitchen bench with some fruit, crackers and sandwich scattered around.
  1. Reusable and eco-friendly silicone coffee cup
  1. 6 round zero waste make up remover pads spread out ontop of a canvas cloth and coming out of a cotton bag. Big green leaf on the side.
  1. Black reusable bread back on a green benchtop with bread rolls falling out.
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  1. The Australian Natural Soap Company Conditioner Bar
  1. Set of 4 silicone reusable drinking straws. Pastel in colour and cleaning brush in the cardboard box. On a kitchen bench top surrounded by watermelon slices.
  1. 4 pack of vegan zero waste all natural face masks. Wrapped in a cotton string. On a white background.
  1. 2 reusable produce bags in use. One holding Kale and the other one with about 10 or so apples. On a kitchen bench surround by fruit n veg.
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  1. set of reusable lunch wraps. One with a roll placed in the middle(green) with a green, red and pink one folded up and sitting on top. On a wooden benchtop.
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  1. 2 zero-waste and eco-friendly hair clips. Wood and metallic holding a girls fringe in place. Australian zero-waste shop.
  1. Zero waste bamboo wide tooth comb on a white background.
  1. The Australian Natural Soap Company Facial Soap
  1. 2 cardboard tubes of all natural vegan deodorant
  1. Blue reusable eco-friendly silicone baking matt
  1. reusable zero waste cotton produce bags with 2 lemons and an orange inside. On a white background.
  1. 2 round bars of plastic free all natural vegan facial soap. On a white background with some greenery in the background.
  1. 2 pure love all natural and zero waste soap bars. On a white background with some greenery behind.
  1. The Naked Soap Company Handmade Lip Tint
  1. Packaged free handmade round facial soaps on a white background.
  1. The Australian Natural Soap Company Shampoo Bar
  1. Zero waste shaving soap bar. 3 soaps on a white background.
  1. Zero Waste round vegan handmade soap. 1 in focus and 2  blurred in the background. On white.
  1. 2 bars of zero waste all natural handmade lavender soap. With lavender sticks in the background and on white.
  1. The Naked Soap Company Vegan & Handmade Witch In The Woods
  1. Plastic free vegan coffee soap. 3 lined up on white background with coffee beans scattered in background.
  1. Plastic Free Gentle Soap Bar. Sitting on a cotton soap bag with some leaves in the background, on white.
  1. Round bar of soap sitting on top of a bamboo board. Orange colour speckled with Poppy Seeds
  1. 1 large green reusable green bulk food bad filled with grains. On a white background.
  1. 2 all natural body loofahs sitting against a wall in a bathroom setting. Greenery in front.


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