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Our Top 6 Picks for Eco-Gift Giving this Mother's Day

Our Top 6 Picks for Eco-Gift Giving this Mother's Day

If your way of giving thanks is by gifting your Mum with something a little special then take a look at our Top 6 eco-picks from Diminish. Carefully curated for the Mums who truly value self-care and deserve a little time out.

How do you spread the love on Mother's Day?

If your way of giving thanks is by gifting your Mum with something a little special then take a look at our top 6 eco-picks from Diminish.

These picks are for the Mums who truly value self-care and deserve a little time-out.

1. Luxury Skincare Gift Pack

This non-toxic luxury gift pack is for the Mums who love all things skincare!

This is a truly nourishing gift, including 4 items from our non-toxic skin care range (all handmade in South Australia). Let's take a closer look inside:
All-natural avocado facial cleanser
Reusable cotton soap bag
Replenishing all-natural clay face masks (with spoon) -
set of 4
All-natural lavender body soap

So go on, spoil your mum with this one which shouts 'I love you'!

Luxury non toxic skincare gift pack for Mother's Day

2. Earth Loving Goodness Gift Pack

This Eco-Gift Pack has been curated for the Mums wanting to treat their body, mind and soul.

Packed full of skin-nourishing ingredients, this gift pack is designed with your Mum (and our Planet) in mind.

Here's what's included:

The Australian Natural Soap Company Conditioner Bar
The Australian Natural Soap Company Solid Shampoo Bar
The Australian Natural Soap Company Pure Macadamia Cleanser
All-natural body loofah

Treat your mum to this hair & skin replenishing gift pack!

Earth Loving Goodness Plastic-free Gift Pack for Mother's Day

3. Eco-box with a purpose

Does your mum love surprises?

If you're wanting to go above and beyond for your mum this year then why not treat her to a monthly box of eco-goodness.

Each month she'll receive a box filled with sustainable products all designed to help her improve her eco-footprint.

If you're looking at just a once-off box then this is possible too. Just select the 'one time purchase'.

There are some exclusive extras for the monthly option!

This gift idea is perfect for the Mums who are striving to do better for our Planet and just need a little helping hand.

Monthly Eco-Box with a Purpose. Gift box with 5 sustainable products.

4. 3 Handmade Soap Bundle

Our best selling handmade soap bundle is a best seller for a reason!

Your Mum will get to enjoy, not one but three of our nourishing toxin free body soaps. All are packed full of skin-loving ingredients for deep moisturisation.

As always, our range of body soaps come vegan, cruelty-free & palm oil free.

Select 3 of our handmade soaps that your Mum will love (or let us choose for you)!

My personal favs are the Pure Love, Coffee & Grapefruit & Neroli! 

**Just pop your selected soaps in the notes section of your order (we'll notify you if any are out of stock).

Diminish 3 Handmade Soap Bundle Gift Pack for Mother's Day.

5. Pure Goodness Skincare Pack

This pure goodness skincare gift-pack is curated for the Mum's who love a little self-care!

Shout your Mum some 'me-time', and give her a gift that she's truly deserving of!

Curated to leave minimal impact on our Planet, inside this pack you'll find 4 Australian made handcrafted items:

1 x Absolute Avocado Soap (The Australian Natural Soap Company)
1 x Sun Deodorant Balm (Wanderlightly)
1 x Basic Balm (The Naked Soap Company)
1 x handmade cotton soap bag

This gift pack comes completely free from any nasties, and as always, is plastic-free vegan & cruelty-free.

Self care eco gift pack for Mother's Day by Diminish

6. Sow n Sow Gift of Seeds & Card

A gift that keeps giving!

Sow ‘n Sow’s Gifts of Seeds cards are the perfect accompaniment to your Mother's gift.

They're a gift & a card in one!

Inside each unique card comes a packet of seeds - making this an ideal gift for the eco & nature Mums.

We have 5 different seeded cards to choose from.

Sow n Sow gift of Seeds gift card

A Planet-friendly Mother's Day

We hope we've inspired you to find the perfect eco-gift this Mother's Day.

Our gift ideas put Mother Nature first & are here to help you truly spoil you Mum (while leaving minimal impact on our precious Planet).