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Body Soaps

We have carefully selected our range of zero waste and plastic free soaps to ensure you will have no waste to dispose of when finished. 

They are all cruelty free, vegan and made with all natural ingredients.
  1. Zero waste shaving soap bar on a bamboo soap dish sitting next to a rose gold reusable razor. With some green leaves and cotton back in the background. On white.
  1. natural eco-friendly body loofah and zero waste round scrub soap bar. With some lavender in the background. On white.
  1. 2 pure love all natural and zero waste soap bars. On a white background with some greenery behind.
  1. Zero waste shaving soap bar. 3 soaps on a white background.
  1. Zero Waste round vegan handmade soap. 1 in focus and 2  blurred in the background. On white.
  1. zero waste peppermint quench soap bar. Packaged free. 110g. 2 rectangle soap bars, one in focus, one bit blurred and with lavender in the background. On a white background.
  1. 2 bars of zero waste all natural handmade lavender soap. With lavender sticks in the background and on white.
  1. The Naked Soap Company Vegan & Handmade Witch In The Woods
  1. Plastic free vegan coffee soap. 3 lined up on white background with coffee beans scattered in background.
  1. 3 zero waste soaps. 1 in focus and 2 out of focus in the background and on a white background. Few scattered green leaves around.
  1. Plastic Free Gentle Soap Bar. Sitting on a cotton soap bag with some leaves in the background, on white.
  1. Round bar of soap sitting on top of a bamboo board. Orange colour speckled with Poppy Seeds
  1. 4 bamboo eco-friendly soap dishes. On a white background
  1. 2 all natural body loofahs sitting against a wall in a bathroom setting. Greenery in front.
  1. Black handmade soap for tough marks. 2 soaps and one in the background with a white background.
  1. Close up shot of round aluminium reusable travel tin.
  1. 4 cotton soap bags sitting on top of each other on a white background.


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