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Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

The stars aligned...and here you are! I have a feeling you're on a similar journey to me.

I created Diminish out of a deep desire to help our Planet. We're at such a critical time here on Earth, where every action and choice we make - matters. Mums like you and me can make a difference, by saying no to plastic-waste, and by making better and informed decisions about what we buy & how we dispose of our waste.

As busy Mums (and Dads), raising the future generations it's up to us to step up for our precious Planet. My mission is to help you do just that!

  • By offering a growing range of sustainable, vegan & natural products for your family (that I know you'll love) -  from trusted Australian eco brands that also put our Planet first.
  • By educating and inspiring Planet-friendly living through my online resources, blog articles & my like-minded Community Facebook group
  • By hosting online/in person workshops on sustainable living topics (within the home) - enquire here.
  • By coming into your home (virtually) to offer waste-audits and simple steps to help you fast-track your journey to improve your eco-footprint - book here.
Plastic-free shopping bags set of 3
Diminish Naked Dishwashing Soap Bar


Driven by our strong values... 

As you know, our beautiful Planet, Oceans & Wildlife are drowning in our waste, and landfills are not the solution!

Improving our eco-footprint and impact on the Planet is possible, but it requires change (and knowledge). I'm here so that Diminish to be the go-to place for families and individuals who are ready to start taking action. 

Values that drive Diminish's mission:
Kindness & compassion
Sustainable & ethical living
Support local & small business
Conscious consumerism


Inspired by a handful of rubbish...

Hi! I'm Kim, an Adelaide Mum of 2 who has always had a deep connection to nature. Growing up in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills & close to the beach, Mother Nature has been my go-to & healer. Now it's my turn - to give back!

I believe that by making better choices & having a good understanding of our rubbish and its effects on our environment, we can all make a positive impact on our eco footprint.

I'm a passionate advocate for sustainable living and helping our precious Planet. I love to educate families on how to make simple sustainable swaps within their homes to nourish their lifestyle and our Planet. I’m also rubbish nerd! Rubbish plays a huge part in our eco-footprint. If I can empower you to take control of your household’s waste, you’ll realise just how easy sustainable living is. 

I invite you to join me on my mission and together we can make a difference here on our beautiful Planet (for years to come)! 

Diminish Owner Kimberley Gifford

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Join my mission below!

and save 10% off your first Planet-friendly order!

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Come & say hi on the gram. I'd love to meet you!

Come & say hi on the gram. I'd love to meet you!