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Diminish launched in 2021 as an online eco store in Adelaide, with just over 50 sustainable/vegan products (we now have over 300 and are growing by the month).

We're here to teach, inform and inspire families Australia wide (and worldwide!) to start taking better care of our beautiful Planet.

We love supporting like-minded Australian eco-conscious businesses, plus we stock a huge range of products from local Adelaide suppliers (much closer to home).

Not only are our products eco-friendly, we're SUPER proud to let you know that our entire range is Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

Plastic-free shopping bags set of 3
Diminish Naked Dishwashing Soap Bar


Values driven business

Our beautiful Planet, Oceans & Wildlife are drowning in our waste. Just search #plasticwaste on Instagram and you'll see the damage.

Improving our eco-footprint and impact on the Planet is possible, but it requires change (and knowledge). I'd love for Diminish to be the go-to for all families who are ready to start taking action. 

Driven by our strong values...
Kindness & compassion
Sustainable & ethical living
Support local & small business
Conscious consumerism

....and through our online store, social media and our Membership, I'm here to make sustainable living accessible for all households (regardless of whether you're an eco-warrior or just starting out)! 


Inspired by a handful of rubbish...

Hi! I'm Kim, an Adelaide Mum of 2 who has always had a deep connection to nature. Growing up in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills & close to the beach, Mother Nature has been my go-to & healer. Now it's my turn - to give back!

I live a truly compassionate lifestyle (vegan of over 15 years), and I'm now taking care of our Planet and Wildlife/Animals, through Diminish.

Let's get into the rubbish talk. It all began 4 years ago when I had 2 little ones under 2. We were throwing out ridiculous amounts of disposable nappies. Needless to say...our landfill bins were overflowing with waste.

I then heard of someone who only threw out a handful of rubbish a week. That's all I needed to hear. I implemented changes almost immediately. I'm now much more aware of our eco-footprint. I shop consciously (and less!), I've become a 'recycling queen', and YES, some weeks we do only throw away a handful of rubbish.

I launched Diminish to help you and many others just like you realise that once you understand your rubbish a little better, you can then start making simple changes to reduce it - which in turns, helps our beautiful Planet.

So join me and Diminish and let me show you how you can do exactly that xx.

Diminish Owner Kimberley Gifford


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