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We have carefully selected our brands to ensure their products are in line with our values and overall mission. We also check that suppliers share the same vision as we do - to help others make zero waste living an achievable goal!

This has taken some time and consideration, however it's vital to ensure our values are met at every stage of the business process.

Our first and foremost questions is - where are our suppliers located? We are dedicated to supporting Australian businesses. We LOVE small business and especially eco-friendly minded ones.

Next, we set about asking all our suppliers the following questions

  1. WHERE are the products made?
  2. WHAT are the products made of and are they toxin free or low tox?
  3. If made OVERSEAS, what standards are in place to ensure they are made ethically?
  4. HOW are the products packaged for postage?
  5. At the END OF LIFE, how can the products be disposed of?
  6. Are the products VEGAN (cruelty free & containing no animal products)?

We are so thrilled to be stocking so many beautiful products from Australian suppliers.

If you're interested in becoming one of our listed brands/stockists then please get in touch via our contact page! We would love to hear form you.