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  1. Earth Greetings You are my Happy Place Plastic-free valentine's gift card. Diminish.
  2.  eco-friendly gift tags by Earth Greetings. Designed by local artist with gorgeous floral colours. Diminish
  3. Earth Greetings Eco-friendly and recyclable father's day gift card. Made in Australia.
  4. Eco friendly gift card you are amazing. On recycled paper and designed by Australian artist. Plastic-free. Diminish.
  5. Earth Greetings Plastic-free Mothers Day Gift Card. Best Mum Ever. Shop at Diminish.
  6. Earth Greetings Lovebirds forever eco-friendly sustainable valentine's gift card. Diminish.
  7. Earth Greetings I love hanging out with you eco-friendly valentine's gift card. Diminish.
  8. Earth Greetings Happy Mother's Day Eco Gift Card. Diminish.