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Why a Membership is the Answer to Tackling your Overflowing Bins

Why a Membership is the Answer to Tackling your Overflowing Bins

The Diminish your Waste membership is designed to help take the daily stress (and frustrations) out of dealing with your overflowing bins.

5 years ago I decided I'd had enough with our household rubbish! So, I started taking small steps towards reducing it. 

Each day our bin was full to the brim with...well...unnecessary waste. 

After one too many guilty runs to put my overflowing bin out for council collection - I decided 'enough is enough'.

I started setting waste challenges and goals for our houeshold. I researched, I researched more, and I took small steps towards what I call a less-waste life.

Happy to say - I succeeded!

Now, we only throw away about a handful of rubbish each week (sometimes more, sometimes less.). And I realised that this is so possible for any household - especially with the help of our membership.

The Diminish your Waste membership is designed to help take the daily stress (and frustrations) out of dealing with your overflowing bins AND to help you make meaningful change with small simple steps towards a less-waste household.

Let me fill you in on the Membership, the benefits, and how to find a way out your overflowing bins and mess!


1. What Exactly is the Membership About?

The membership's designed to help you go from feeling frustrated and guilty about your overflowing bins and household rubbish to feeling like you are making positive changes to your weekly waste!

From chatting with friends and family members, I hear very similar problems to do with plastic-waste & rubbish in general.

That is, that amongst the busyness of life (caring for our children, sports events, parties, working, cooking...the list goes on), dealing with plastic waste & rubbish is not on the top of our to do lists.

At the same time, the common consensus is that most people are sick of their rubbish and want to improve their waste-levels. 

The problem is....plastic is everywhere! It's really hard to avoid. And when you have mouths to feed, a household to run and a life to live, combatting your plastic waste and overflowing bins is...well just plain frustrating!

So, with the skills, insights and amazing hacks I've learnt over the last 5 years, I'm here to make tackling your weekly waste, simple, easy...and maybe even a little fun! 

Sure, you can search for tips on Google like ‘how do I recycle properly?’, or, ‘eco-friendly alternatives to cling-wrap'.

But how much time do you actually have to be doing that? I'm going to guess...not alot.

Instead, you're more likely searching: ‘gift ideas for a 7-year-old’, or 'how to throw kid's birthday party under $500’? Right?

What if I told you there IS a way out of your mess. I can help you feel GOOD about your rubbish without all the research, without the confusion, and without spending hours searching on Google.

This is all possible for you, inside the Diminish your Waste membership.

As soon as you join, you will gain access to the private Facebook Group where you can ask as many questions as you like. Plus, there are resources available on-hand to help you on your journey.

This zero-waste membership is here to help you take small, simple steps towards a less waste life, with each step inspiring the next.


2. What will I Achieve by Joining?

Freedom. Freedom from your waste. Freedom from the guilt. And freedom from the amount of plastic that is inevitably all around is.

Plus, a better understanding of what rubbish actually is, where it ends up and WHY it's important to get on top of your waste.

You’ll gain confidence in understanding the difference between plastics and soft plastics.

I'll help you get started with composting, plus I'll set you up for success when it comes to your food waste. I'll teach you the difference between certified compostable, compostable and biodegradable (nope they're not all the same).

You will feel soooo much better about recycling, so much so that you'll be telling other household members what goes in which bin!

You'll become a recycling queen - like me (yipeee I hear you say!!).

I'll help you to drastically reduce your plastic waste. And, you'll gain a better understanding of what eco-friendly living means for you and your household.

You’ll start making a positive impact and a meaningful one. Not just in your household, but for our Planet. And those around you will be influenced by the changes you're making, and they will also start doing better.

My children now pick up rubbish they see on the ground (a habit they've picked up from me). Don't worry - there's lots of hand washing after.


3. Is this Membership Right for me?

This is such a great question! No one wants to join a membership that doesn't fit in with their why, their who, or their how.

So, is this for you?

Busy mamas. If you're sick of dealing with plastic waste, but don’t know what to do about it (and have no time to research options yourself), then yes this is for you.

Earth/nature/ocean lovers. With all the years you've spent enjoying the outdoors, you have a little inkling inside you that something is wrong with the amount of rubbish you're throwing away. Plus, you simply want to start doing better for Mother Nature and our Planet. 

Perhaps you’re fresh out of university and are looking at ways to improve your eco-footprint, AND you want to connect with like-minded individuals who are on the same journey. This membership will help you do just that!

If you’re already well into your zero-waste journey you may feel like you already know enough. Well, that may be true, but, here’s the thing – each day there’s new research, better ways of doing things and new plastic-free alternative products released. We're here to bring you all the latest in the world of plastic-free and zero-waste living (with early access to products that have just hit the market). So yes eco-warrior - this is also for you.

If you really couldn’t care less about your environmental footprint or your rubbish/household waste…then I’m going to be straight up – no this membership is not for you. But then you probably wouldn’t be here reading this if that was the case! 


4. But I’m not a Nature/Environmentalist/Ocean Lover

We’re not all fitness freaks either, but most of us know how important a small amount of daily exercise is.

And I’m gonna guess, that not everyone reading this is a health expert either. But I bet you try to limit your sugar intake, avoid as many processed foods as possible AND try to eat healthily.

My point is - this membership is designed for you if you want to reduce your household waste, regardless of your connection with nature and the trees! 

It's here to help you feel good about what you're throwing away, not guilty.

You don’t have to be a tree-hugging environmentalist OR an ocean lover to know that the amount of plastic waste in our society is totally unreasonable and unnecessary.

And if you’re raising young children, there’s never been a more important time to help them understand what it means to reduce our waste, send less to landfill and to CARE for our Planet.


5. I'm Interested, how can I Find out More and Join?

Click here to find out more and to pop your name on the waitlist.

Once you’re on the waitlist, I'll send you all the important updates about the membership – including when the doors will open and what early access means!

We open the doors to the membership approximately 4 times a year (in between we are busily running our online store, and supporting those in the membership).

If you’re not on the waitlist, you can still join – you just need to keep an eye on our website, or socials to find out when the doors are open.


6. Is it Just a Membership??

Of course there's more to it than JUST the membership.

You will not only be signing up to find simple and easy ways to reduce your household’s waste and reliance on plastic, but you will also receive VIP status to our online store. 

Yep - you'll get 10% off our entire range year-round to help you save on your eco-friendly products (plus be first in line for exclusive sales and new releases). 

There’s also the option to receive a monthly eco-subscription box - filled with up to 4 gorgeous products from our range - all designed to help you on your journey to less waste.

Here, we've taken the stress out of deciding what products will help you on your journey. We introduce you to our top selling products, and plastic-free products to replace your everyday essentials (zero-waste baking, zero-waste personal care, zero-waste dental & more!!).

Plus – as soon as you join you can book in a free 30 min chat/household audit with me. We look at each of the rooms in your house to nut out where you can start making immediate improvements in terms of your waste.

Within the first week, you'll see massive improvements in what you're throwing away and sending to landfill!


So, what next?

If you're thinking about joining, but need to nut out the details, you can check read all the finer print here. 

If you're ready for a me to celebrate your journey to less-waste & help you at every step of the way – you can join the waitlist below! P.S. Doors are opening VERY VERY SOON!!!