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10 Simple Plastic-Free Bathroom Swaps (for all family members)!

10 Simple Plastic-Free Bathroom Swaps (for all family members)!

If you feel a little overwhelmed at where (or how) to start your zero-waste journey - here are my top 10 plastic-free bathroom swaps.

I’m going to take a bet that if you haven’t tried to reduce your plastic waste before that much of you plastic lies in your bathroom.

Don’t worry, so did mine. I had shampoo and conditioner bottles, moisturisers, body sprays, creams of all sorts...plastic toothbrushes...the list goes on.

And so, I started making one small switch at a time. My plastic toothbrushes were the first ones to go!

If you feel a little overwhelmed at where (or how) to start your zero-waste journey - here are my top 10 plastic-free bathroom swaps.

1. Plastic-free bamboo cotton buds

Bamboo cotton buds come with a bamboo handle, rather than a plastic one. These are a simple/affordable and super easy switch to make.

The best bit is they are 100% plastic-free. Once used – they can go straight into your home compost so they are not adding to your landfill waste at all!

2. Plastic-free plant-based dental floss

It may be easy to brush aside that little piece of dental floss that you use morning and night. It’s only small, right?

Said 10 million people.

Here’s how I see it. Imagine if an animal swallowed that little piece of dental floss, or got tangled in it. It might only be small to you - but to that animal, it's life-threatening.

Instead, switch to a plastic-free one. One that you can pop in your home compost, that will break down and that won't be of any danger to our wildlife.

3. Bamboo toothbrushes

This was one of the very first switches I made. Why? Simple really – it was the cheapest, and I love a bargain! Plus, I was due for a new toothbrush, and so switching to a bamboo one. came as a no brainer to me.

Now, all I need to do is pull out the bristles and the rest can be home composted.

In our household alone we would go through approx 48 plastic toothbrushes a year. Imagine that over a lifetime...!!

4. Toothpaste tabs

Toothpaste tabs come free from plastic and are very simple to use.

It may take a little while to get used to this different way of brushing, but at the end of the day, they're doing the same job as your normal toothpaste - just without the waste.

5. Naked body soap bars

Soap bars have been around for a long time yes. But do you really need that three pack of soap from the shops that comes wrapped in plastic?

The great thing about this plastic-free swap is there are so many gorgeous, cruelty-free and vegan soap bars you can choose from.

And naked soap bars are just that – naked and plastic-free.

Shop our gorgeous range here -  all handmade in Australia, and are vegan, cruelty-free and non-toxic.

6. Shampoo & conditioner bars

Our Shampoo with a Purpose shampoo and conditioner bars are just one of the many options available for plastic-free haircare.

Each bar saves approximately 6 shampoo and conditioner bottles from ending up in landfill.

These bars come in a recyclable cardboard box, however, there are many available that come completely packaged free.

7. Reusable Safety razor

2400. That's how many disposable razors you could potentially use in a lifetime.

Disposable razors are not planet-friendly and are extremely wasteful.

By switching to a reusable plastic-free safety razor, you now have a razor that could potentially last you a lifetime. Plus, the razors are made from brass alloy and can be recycled at the end of their life.

8. Shaving soap bar

This plastic-free switch is easy and cost-effective.

Switch from your shaving cream or whatever you are using to a naked shaving soap bar. 

You'll find these all-natural shaving soap bars last much longer than your standard shaving creams & work in exactly the same way!

9. Plastic-free body loofah

I honestly cringe now when I see those round plastic spongy body loofahs in supermarkets. Especially with so many other plastic-free options available. 

Our Brush it On natural body loofah is made from a loofah plant, which means at the end of its life it can be home composted.

This is such a simple and easy plastic free switch - so if you love a little self-care these are a must. 

10. Plastic-free brushes/combs

I'm going to bet that somewhere in your household there is a plastic brush or comb lying around. Don't fret - we have some in our household too.

Switching to plastic-free products is not about throwing away what you already have, it's about using what you have first, and THEN making the switch.

We have some gorgeous sustainable haircare products available, including bamboo combs, bamboo hair stylers and handy detangling brushes.

I saved this one for last, as it's not an everyday item you purchase a lot. But if you're ready for a new comb or brush then it's time to consider a plastic-free option.


One small step at a time! (or one small switch).

The key to success when it comes to your zero-waste journey is to not overwhelm yourself.

Make one small switch first and then when you're used to that one, make the next and the next.

Sure - go all in if that's what you want to do, but if not, remember - every small step counts. Every piece of plastic you can avoid is helping to reduce your household waste, PLUS it's helping to reduce your eco footprint.


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