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Wanderlightly Heart Chakra Bath Salts

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HEART CHARKA BATH SALTS have been made with self-care in mind to create a sacred spa ritual in your own bathroom.

Love, salts, minerals & botanicals have been blended with a combination of heart-opening essential oils & a rose quartz crystal, cleansed under the full moon for deeper connection on a cellular & soul level.

The healing benefits of magnesium sulphate are well known with over 70% of us being magnesium deficient so what better way to restore those levels & ease aches & pains than with a long soak in the bath. It has been sustainably extracted from natural deposits, not man-made & processed with care to produce a mindful product. Himalayan Salt, naturally rich in 84 nourishing & skin-replenishing minerals has been sourced from a company that supports the local community.

How to use

Add 2-3 tbsp of bath blend & crystal to a running bath. Make a cuppa or pour a wine, dim the lights, turn off your phone + reconnect. To cleanse your crystal between uses, leave in the sun or outside under a full moon.


love*, moon infused rose quartz crystal, magnesium sulphate*, himalayan salt, dried Botanics, rose + calendula, essential oils- rose absolute, bergamot, geranium, carrot seed oil, *certified organic

End of life

The Aluminium tin can be repurposed (great for travel!) or it can go in your recycle bin.