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Wanderlightly all-natural Body Loofah

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  • $7.00
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This all natural body loofah is made from the fibrous interior of the loofah plant, a member of the cucumber family. Ideal for self-pampering your skin to gently remove impurities and dead skin cells.

When wet they soften to create a spongy texture perfect to create a lovely soapy lather & clean all the important body bits. Suitable for all skin types.

Grown from the Earth & will return to the Earth when you have finished with it.

How to use

A sustainable vegan alternative to sea sponges these babies have a natural exfoliating scrub to them, perfect for a little self-care in the shower or bath.

Use with your favourite naked bar soap to remove dead skin, promote circulation & leave your skin super soft.

Hang & dry between uses. Not only are these great on the skin they also make fabulous cleaning sponges!

Use in place of Plastic scrubbers in the kitchen or as a scrubber in the bathroom & shower tiles. Hang & dry between uses.

 End of use

Simply chop up and this loofah can be placed in your garden and it will naturally biodegrade