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Onya Certified Compostable Bin Liners (2 sizes) - 25 pack

  • $12.95
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These Onya compostable bin liners are a plant-basted solution to lining your home rubbish bins or indoor compost bin. With superior tear & puncture resistance, these Planet-friendly biodegradable bags are one of the best on the market!

100% certified compostable, meaning these bags are accepted in your green organics bin (if you have one available to you) & will break down within 12 weeks.

2 convenient sizes available: Ideal for your small office bin (30L), or your general waste bin (60L).

* This certification means 'they will break down to virtually undetectable levels in the soil and are deemed “worm safe” with no microplastic residues left behind.' Onya

What you'll love about these compostable bin liners

  • 100% GMO free renewable plant based compostable bags
  • 100% Certified Compostable to Australian, US, European and Japanese standards
  • Free from sulphates, petrochemicals, and parabens
  • Palm-oil free

Important notes for use

As these liners are compostable, unlike traditional single-use plastic bin bags, it's important they are used ideally within 3-6 months of purchase and kept in a cool dark space, otherwise, they may start to break down.

Compostable bin liners need to be treated slightly differently to traditional plastic bin liners as the material they are made from is designed to break down easier than plastic – which is a good thing, however, this may mean that if placing wet waste in your bin bags you need to empty your bin more frequently as if moisture is added, the composting process may begin and could lead to spills or splitting when emptying your bin on a weekly basis.

    End of life

    These bags are certified compostable and can be used in this manner. In an industrial (hot) compost they will break down to their natural cellulose beginnings within 12 weeks. In a home compost or general waste they will take up to 12 months.