Ever Eco Replacement Dish Brush Head

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Ready to give up plastic scourers?

Simply purchase an Ever Eco Wooden Dish Brush and switch out the head as needed.

The old brush head can go in your compost bin to return to the earth.

For a complete zero-waste wash, pair the brush with our solid dish washing soap bar.

Its longevity and ease of use will see you you falling in love with this dish brush and coming back for more!

More to love

The bamboo is unvarnished to eliminate chemicals from the production process and also ensures that it's compostable.

Caring for the brush

To assist in the longevity of your brush, stand it upright or hang between uses to let it dry (do not leave it sitting in water).

Over time, natural signs of ageing will occur. Wood oxidation (the dark spots/discolouration/splits in the wood) is possible but do not impact functionality.

End of lifespan

The brush head can go in your compost bin.



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