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Ever Eco Reusable Bottle Brush

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Plastic Free | Zero Waste | Sustainable | Reusable | Plant Based

Ever Eco's reusable bottle brush is a cleaning brush that puts sustainability first! Made with unvarnished beachwood with plant-based bristles (sisal) this dish brush fights grime without harming our precious Planet. Ideal for those difficult to reach cleaning spots inside your kid's drink bottles!

Made from unvarnished wood so no chemicals were used in the production process, meaning this brush is home compost safe! 

An ideal alternative to your plastic dishbrush and synthetic sponges.


  • Vegan friendly
  • 23.5-25cm total length (best suited to Ever Eco Insulated Coffee Cups, Tumblers and 500ml Drink Bottles)

Caring for the brush

  • To assist in the longevity of your brush, allow it to dry between uses (do not leave sitting in water)
  • Stand brush upright on its bristles to encourage any residual water to drain away
  • Handles can be treated with wood oil or wax if desired
  • Natural signs of aging will occur over time from exposure to water, minerals within water and dish washing liquid. Wood oxidation (dark spots/discolouration), cracks/splits in the wood and bristle loss are possible and do not impact functionality. Wood is a natural product and the compostable nature of this brush is what makes it such a great zero waste kitchen essential.
  • At end of lifespan, handle and bristles are compostable. Metal hardware can be recycled

End of life

Beachwood handle & sisal bristles can be home composted. The wire part can be recycled with hard metals (contact our council or Planet Ark for recycling options).

Sustainable promise

  • This bottle brush comes without any plastic packaging
  • Shipped in sustainable packaging
  • Carbon neutral shipping