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Brush it On Bamboo Cotton Buds 100pc - Refill

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Cotton buds that are plastic-free

These Brush it on Bamboo Cotton buds are home compostable once used, meaning no more plastic ending up in your bins or landfill.

They're a simple sustainable alternative to your regular cotton buds with bamboo handles and an organic cotton tip. 

Each pack comes with 100 cotton buds to last you up to 3 months.

Buy today and start seeing your plastic waste reduce! 

Bundle and save, with this Cotton Bud Bundle pack.

Zero waste fact: plastic from regular earbuds will never decompose (eeeeek!!) and can clog up waterways and end up in our oceans. #letsdiminishourwaste and make the switch to eco-friendly cotton buds today!

For a complete zero waste bathroom, check out our bamboo toothbrushes and compostable dental floss.

More to love

These zero waste cotton buds are made from sustainable bamboo sticks with an organic cotton tip
Plus they are packaged in plastic-free recycled packaging
All items are posted in 100% plastic-free packaging

End of life

Once used you can pop them straight into your home compost. The cardboard box can go in the recycle bin.


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