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Our Story

Hey, welcome! I'm Kim, an Adelaide mother of 2, a fiancé and a soy latte addict! I also have 3 gorgeous furbabies (2 rescue cats and a rescue dog).

My dream of owning an animal rescue farm has for now been put aside (much to the delight of my fiancé), while I inspire others to achieve what we have.

Back in 2018, I heard for the first time how someone was able to throw away only a handful of rubbish a week. 
I honestly found this hard to believe...was this even possible?

Then...the guilt set in.

Having grown up in the Adelaide Hills, loving the beach, the outdoors and Mother Nature - I suddenly realised there was a huge disconnect between what I was throwing away (i.e. sending to landfill) and my values in life.

And with 2 young children in tow at the time, our bins were literally overflowing with nappies (and other random waste).

I began taking small steps towards reducing our weekly waste. We started by switching to cloth nappies first, and I think bamboo toothbrushes next.

Each switch I made, I saw improvements in what we were sending to landfill. And each step inspired the next, and the next. I achieved what I had set out to - to reduce our household rubbish to just a handful each week.

Since then, I've realised the impacts our waste is having on our oceans and Mother Nature. It's devastating, and heart-breaking.

So, in 2021 I launched Diminish. To inspire you, your family members and your friends to start living a life with less-waste, and to remind you that every small step counts.

We stock products from Australian suppliers who value what we do - sustainability and plastic-free living. Plus our entire range is cruelty-free, vegan, non toxic and palm oil free.
I especially love local Adelaide businesses and we strive to stock products that are ethically and locally made.

We'd love for you to join along in our journey. You can follow us on Instagram where we share our gorgeous products and sustainable living ideas. 

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