Our Story

Hi! I'm Kim, the owner and founder of Diminish. I am a Mum to 2 children, 3 cats, a dog, a cheeky chicken and lots of fish! As well as a fiancee, a sister, a daughter...and a friend to many.

I've always felt inspired to live a life with purpose, and at the same time, to do something that has meaning. 

Growing up in the Adelaide foothills, I was surrounded by nature. We had Sulphur Crested Cockatoos flying onto our balcony, Koalas in our front yard, and even once an Echidna (true story!). 

I've lived overseas and lived by the oceans, and wherever my travels have taken me, i've always felt a strong connection to nature and the life within it.

Delving into my love of photography, I was able to really see Mother Nature in all her beauty. Capturing some breathtaking sunsets and sunrises, and even the colourful marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.

Through all this experience, and whilst in the midst of parenthood, I realised that we as a family needed to do better for our planet, and better for our children...and so Diminish was born.

Diminish came to be after our household bins were full to the brim each week, and we realised there must be a better way. The guilt of what this waste was doing to our oceans and marine life was killing me. How could I call myself an animal love and nature lover, when I was mindlessly just ignoring our waste problem.
So the research began, and I realised, I not only wanted to do better for our family, and for the oceans, I also wanted to help others achieve what we could. 

As a family, we try to be as waste free as possible (which is sometimes very challenging!). We are also conscious of our carbon footprint and living sustainably, which we try to do the best we can. 

So I started planning!

Greenest, Greener, The Jade Nest, The Green Nest, GenEthical, Eco Nest...all these names were brought to the table when mulling over our business name. We sat down and really thought about what we wanted our message to be, what our values would be, and what we hoped to achieve..and then it clicked...Diminish! (Oh and by we, I'm including my fiancé, as he has the retail knowledge to bring to the table and is always happy to help me achieve my goals). Diminish encompasses our mission in one word.

Our dream is to help and inspire individuals to diminish their waste and environmental footprint. We are more than just an online shop though. Along with our eco-friendly and sustainable products, we also offer tips and tricks to help you on your waste free journey. We want the journey to be an easy one, plus we want you to enjoy it (like we do)!

Choosing to diminish your waste is a personal choice. For us, we love the outdoors, the beach, nature and the ocean. Contributing to the waste that ends up in our environment...is no longer a justifiable option for us (especially with 2 little ones!).

We look forward to sharing our journey with you ♥. Please feel free to flick us an email at contact@diminish.com.au with any questions you may have about waste free living, Diminish...or a product you'd like to see us stock!

We are located in Adelaide, Australia. Diminish is currently an online shop only, but who knows what the future holds! 




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