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Reusable Cotton Make-up Removal Pads

  • $21.95
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Reusable | Cotton | Plastic-Free | Home Compostable | Non Toxic

This set of 10 bamboo cotton reusable make-up wipes are designed with our Planet and your skin in mind.

They're super absorbent and soft, making them a great alternative to disposable (and wasteful) wipes! Infact, this cost-effective switch can replace up to 500 disposable wipes.

Ideal for removing your make-up at the end of a long day, the double sided bamboo cotton is gentle on your skin and will help to remove any impurities.

Simply use as you would a normal wipe and to wash just soak them in some soapy water before popping through the wash.

These plastic-free cotton rounds come in a reusable cotton bag (which doubles as a skin exfoliator) and is perfect for travel and handy storage.

More to love about these reusable make up wipes

  • Non-toxic and plastic-free wipes
  • Double-sided bamboo cotton which can be home composted
  • Washable & reusable over and over again
  • Super soft & gentle on your skin

Sustainable promise

  • Made from bamboo cotton which will break down in your home compost
  • 100% plastic-free product
  • Shipped plastic-free
  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • Brush It On (supplier) donates 100% of profits to environmental organisations

  • How to clean

    • Soaking the pads in a jar of soapy water for a few hours and then popping through the wash⠀
    • Soaking the pads in some distilled white vinegar before popping through the wash⠀
    • Mixing up baking soda with water to create a paste and rub into any heavy stains on the pads before washing (wipe away baking soda before washing)
    • Lemon or lime juice also works a treat⠀

    End of Life

    Once they've fulfilled their purpose, they can go in your home compost. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Great product !

    These are a great product! They can be used over and over again and wash well. Definitely recommend!

    Thanks for the review - we are so glad you were happy with them!