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Sustainable Christmas Pamper gift pack. Plastic-free.

The Ultimate List of 20 Sustainable Christmas Gift Ideas

This year I'm here to help you make Christmas a little bit less wasteful! Below is a  carefully curated list of the ultimate 20 sustainable Christmas gift ideas (for all family members) to help you share the love without harming our precious Planet.

Christmas is undoubtedly a time for celebrations, love, and joy. However, it's also a season that brings with it a huge amount of waste. In Australia, each year over Christmas, our waste increases by approximately 30%. This includes all the unwanted gifts that have a life span of less than a week! Not to mention the wrapping paper, the tape and the cards...

This year I'm here to help you make this Christmas a little bit less wasteful so you you can spoil your loved ones without harming our Planet. Here is my carefully curated ultimate list of 20 sustainable Christmas gift ideas. Lets go!

1. Tote Bag/Shopping Bag

Tote bags are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. Choose one made from sustainable materials, like organic cotton or recycled materials, to help your loved ones reduce their single-use plastic consumption. Check out our range of reusable tote and shopping bags here. There are so many different styles available - so you're sure to find one that will make the perfect gift.

Sustainable gift options - reusable tote bag

2. Eco-friendly journal

For your journal loving friends! Journalling is so great for self-care and mental health. I'm a real advocate for journalling (I still have journals from my childhood stored away in my cupboards)! So this year why not give your friend an eco-journal made from recycled paper or eco-friendly materials. Our range at Diminish are stunning - and inspired by Australian Flora & Fauna - check them out!

Eco journal as a eco Christmas gift idea

3. Plastic-free Facial Cleanser

This one's for all the skincare lovers! Spoil them with our handmade, all-natural AND plastic-free facial soap. These natural soaps are completely Planet-friendly and are great for skincare enthusiasts. Plus, they're made right here in South Australia - so you're not only helping our Planet, you're supporting local businesses. And as with our entire range - these facial cleansers are vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil free.

Sustainable Christmas gift. Plastic free facial soap.

4. Books

Books are timeless gifts that provide hours of entertainment time and time again. There are books for children, books for teenagers and books for adults! Making this a great sustainable gift for all family members. You could even head to your local op shop to source a great 2nd hand book - giving it a new chance in life and you'll be supporting the circular economy. A win for our Planet and a win for your Christmas list!

Eco sustainable gift - book

5. All Natural Facial Cream

Give the gift of love with an all-natural face cream that are packaged in recyclable or reusable containers (not plastic!). These products nourish the skin from the inside out while being kind to the environment. This one here by The Naked Soap Company is a customer favourite - and will have your loved one coming back for more!

Eco Christmas Present. Handmade and plastic free face cream.


6. An Experience

For the ultimate sustainable Christmas gift, why not give the gift of memories instead of physical items. This sustainable gift idea is especially great for children (do they really need more toys)? Consider experiences like canoeing, cooking classes, zoo visits, or concert tickets. Gifting an experience is a truly sustainable gift - instead of waste it creates memories to last a lifetime.

Eco Christmas Gift - Experience. Cooking class


7. Reusable Smoothie Tumbler

For all the smoothie lovers! Help your loved ones reduce their single-use plastic waste by gifting them a stylish, reusable smoothie tumbler. They can enjoy their favourite drinks on the go while reducing their carbon footprint - it's a win win!

Sustainable Christmas Gift. Reusable Tumbler.


8. All-Natural Beard Shampoo (for the Men)

For the bearded folks in your life, what better eco Christmas gift than an all-natural beard shampoo. This not only promotes grooming but also reduces the use of synthetic chemicals and plastic packaging. This one here is Australian made and comes in an easily recyclable cardboard box, so it's a great gift for leaving minimal impact. Grab one now!

Eco Christmas Gift for men. Beard shampoo.


9. Self-Care Pamper Pack with All-Natural, Plastic-Free Products 

This year at Diminish I have created the ultimate plastic-free and sustainable pamper packs (for her) with indulgent self-care items that she'll love. I've carefully curated these gift packs with your loved ones and our Planet in mind. I might even have to grab one of these for myself...

Non toxic Christmas Gift. Plastic free pamper pack.


10. Reusable Coffee Cup

Encourage your coffee-loving friends and family to ditch disposable (and wasteful) cups by gifting them a reusable coffee cup. Many cafes offer discounts to customers who bring their own cups, making this a gift that keeps on giving. Select one that your friend will love - think colour, style & convenience!

Eco Christmas Present. Reusable coffee tumbler.


11. Voucher

Instead of spending money on a present your loved on might not even want, why not consider a gift vouchers. Even better if the gift voucher is supporting an ethical and sustainable business. Other ideas include vouchers to digital products (Itunes, Shopify, Audible), sports vouchers and dinner vouchers. Gift vouchers are practical & completely waste free!

Diminish gift voucher - eco christmas gift

12. Plant

Plants make fantastic, eco-friendly gifts year round - including at Christmas time. They improve indoor air quality, enhance living spaces, and remind us of the beauty of nature. Opt for low-maintenance, air-purifying varieties. This option is also great for children, teaching them how to nurture elements of Mother Nature.

Sustainable Christmas Gift - house plant


13. Sponsor an Animal

Sponsoring an animal is a truly Planet-friendly gift. Think of animals in need, animals who are suffering and need our help. Ideas are animal sponsorship through WWF, through Animals Australia and through animal adoption shelters.

Make the sponsorship in your loved one's name to a cause they're passionate about. It's a compassionate and sustainable way to spread love and goodwill at Christmas.



14. Bamboo Hair Brush

Does your loved one love a little hair pampering? If that's a yes - consider gifting them a gorgeous bamboo thermal styling brush this Christmas. These brushes are Planet-friendly, lightweight, and super great at bringing volume to your hair!

Eco Christmas gift. Bamboo brush.

15. Reusable Food Covers

Have a friend who loooves to entertain? Then this gift is for them! Help your friends and family reduce food waste by gifting a reusable and eco-friendly food cover, like silicone food covers or vegan food wraps. These ones below are always a hit, and a great way to encourage friends and family to make the swap to plastic-free cling wrap alternatives.

Plastic free Christmas gift. Set of 6 reusable food covers.


16. Handmade Gift

Create a personalised handmade gift, like a knitted scarf or a handcrafted piece of jewellery for a completely waste free gift! Handmade gifts showcase thought and effort while minimising waste that comes with unwanted store bought gifts. This is a great way to get your kids involved in the spirit of giving at Christmas time! Ask for their ideas, the more creative the better.

Eco Christmas Present. Handmade Gift - photo book


17. Plastic-Free Soap Bundle

Our plastic-free soap bundle literally flies out the door over the Christmas period. Packaged inside are 3 delicious handmade, all natural and indulgent soap bars. They're perfect for your loved one who loves to treat their skin, and who values handmade, all-natural AND sustainable products.

set of 3 plastic free soaps. Sustainable Christmas gift.

18. Upcycled Presents

Explore the idea of unique upcycled gifts, such as pot plants or accessories made from repurposed materials. These gifts add a touch of creativity and sustainability to any home.

Upcycled tins used as plant pots for sustainable christmas gift idea

19. Reusable Safety Razor (for him or her)

Consider gifting a reusable razor as a sustainable Christmas gift this year. Great for both men & women! It's an eco-friendly alternative to disposable razors, helping reduce plastic waste, and makes for a practical and planet-conscious present.

Plastic free christmas gift. Reusable safety razor


20. Homemade Cookies

Baking a batch of homemade cookies is a heartwarming gift that reduces the need for store-bought, individually packaged sweets. A great sustainable gift idea and one that you can get the kids involved in!

 Eco Christmas Present. Handmade cookies.


A Planet-friendly Christmas is possible!

This holiday season, before purchasing your Christmas gifts take a moment to consider where that gift will end up at the end of its life.

If the answer is landfill - then perhaps consider something a little more Planet friendly.

I hope this list has inspired you so that your Christmas this year will be a little bit less wasteful! These environmentally friendly gift ideas will not only make your loved ones smile, they will also help to better care for our precious Planet.

Happy sustainable gifting!