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That Red House Soap Cage

  • $33.95
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Reusable | Recyclable | Made to Last | Plastic-Free

Complete your eco dish cleaning routine with this handy reusable stainless steel soap cage. This high grade stainless steel cage is the perfect companion to your naked dishwash soap bar. 

Lightweight and easy to use. Simply open the cage, pop your naked soap bar inside & swish it through water to generate suds!

Cost effective & planet-friendly. Made from anti-rust and corrosion, 301 grade stainless steel this cage is designed to last you a life-time. Paired with a dishwashing soap bar you can say goodbye to pesky plastic soap bottles for good! Plus the stainless steel is recyclable at the end of it's life.

More info: Size: Cage: 11.5 x 8 x 5cm, Handle: 20cm. Fits perfectly with our Red House Dishwashing Soap Bars.

Directions For Use:

  • Dishwashing: Open the cage by sliding the ring back along the handle and place a bar of your favourite palm oil free dish soap into the cage. Close the cage and slide the ring back down to secure the two handles. Hold under running water or swish from side to side in the sink.

  • Laundry: As with dish washing, place your bar of laundry soap in the soap cage and hold under running water to fill your bucket or trough.

  • When finished, hang your soap cage where it can drain.

End of life

Contact your local council or check Planet Ark for recycling options

Sustainable promise

  • 100% plastic-free. Label is cardboard which can be recycled or home composted
  • Shipped in sustainable packaging
  • Carbon neutral shipping