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Patch Adhesive Bamboo Strip Bandages

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A world first in wound care, PATCH is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to common first-aid. 

These PATCH Organic Strips are designed with your kids in mind, with gorgeous panda prints.

Featuring non-toxic adhesive, plus breathable bamboo for faster healing. Each bandage pad is infused with coconut oil which works at reducing inflammation and keeping the skin moisturied.

Zero-waste, latex free and vegan.

More to love

non-toxic adhesive
double layered, Coconut Oil infused pad
custom woven, organically sourced & mechanically-pulped bamboo fabric 
Made from Bamboo fibre with a Coconut oil enriched gauze
Coconut oil is a known natural antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, protecting the skin whilst it repairs and allowing fast and comforting support.
Latex Free and Vegan


Made with a gentle pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), certified organic bamboo fibre and organic bamboo gauze



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