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Bathroom Essentials Zero-Waste Starter Gift Pack

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All the essentials for your journey!

Not sure where to start with your zero-waste journey? Don't stress! We've put together 8 products from our health & beauty/personal care range to help you get started.

We've included all the bathroom essentials, and you can relax knowing all these products come without any nasty packing, toxic ingredients or plastic.

This essentials starter pack includes 2 bamboo handled toothbrushes, a bamboo toothbrush travel case and stand. 1 naked lavender soap bar and an aluminium soap tin for convenient storage. A 200 pc box of cotton bamboo earbuds and a natural loofah body scrub.

Great idea as a gift paired with one of our recyclable gift cards.

Included in this pack:

Bamboo cotton buds (200pc)
Lavender soap
Soap Travel Tin - Aluminium
Bamboo toothbrush travel case
Bamboo toothbrush - Lassie
Bamboo toothbrush - Nemo
Natural loofah body scrub
Bamboo toothbrush stand

Please check the product link for info on ingredients/and how to use. 

***Please Note: Pamper Pack does not include gift box or wrapping



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