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Do you find you are forever throwing away plastic bottles from cleaning products.

Must of our plastic waste comes from the kitchen!

We have selected these waste free/toxin free cleaning products to help you start diminishing your waste with ease.
  1. 4 zero waste and plastic free kitchen loofahs/scrubs on a grey cloth.
  1. Zero waste bamboo dish brush on a chopping board sitting ontop of the kitchen sink with the tap running in the background.
  1. Solid dishwash soap bar on a bamboo tray with 2 kitchen loofah scrubs next to in. On a kitchen bench.
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  1. The Naked Soap Company Versatile Soap Shavings
  1. Bamboo handled zero waste dish brush on a wooden chopping board sitting on the sink with a wash cloth in hands. Tap running in the background.
  1. That Red House zero waste and eco friendly laundry stick. Wrapped in brown paper and on a white background.
  1. set of 2 zero waste loofah kitchen sponges. On a kitchen bench with a bowl and a cloth and a bowl to the side.
  1. zero waste compostable dish wash brush head on a white background
  1. Pack of green compostable bin liners, one coming out of the pack. On a white background.
  1. Plastic Free Dishwash soap bar. Fragrance and Colour Free. On a blue cloth and sitting on a kitchen bench.
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