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Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts

  1. 1 silver aluminium tin of all natural vegan lip balm.Vegan and handmade. On white background.
  1. The Naked Soap Company Handmade Lip Tint
  1. 4 pack of vegan zero waste all natural face masks. Wrapped in a cotton string. On a white background.
  1. Plastic free vegan coffee soap. 3 lined up on white background with coffee beans scattered in background.
  1. 2 bars of zero waste all natural handmade lavender soap. With lavender sticks in the background and on white.
  1. 3 Aluminium tins of all natural basic balm on a white background
  1. 2 pure love all natural and zero waste soap bars. On a white background with some greenery behind.
  1. 2 bamboo handled eco-friendly thermal hair styling brushes
  1. natural eco-friendly body loofah and zero waste round scrub soap bar. With some lavender in the background. On white.
  1. Ever Eco Insulated Smoothie Tumbler
  1. Ever eco black reusable and eco-friendly cotton make-up wipes. Spread over a bathroom vanity.
  1. Set of 11 plastic free make-up brushes sitting on small rocks with a tin and yellow flower in the background. On top of a cloth.
  1. Zerocare Haircare Handmade Scrunchie
  1. The Australian Natural Soap Company Beard Shampoo
  1. Set of 4 all all natural face masks with bamboo spoon. Plus a lavendar and facial soap bar and a cotton soap storage bag.
  1. Mini Deluxe Zero Waste Pamper pack
  1. Rose gold eco-friendly reusable razor. Styled on a bathroom benchtop.
  1. The Naked Soap Company Jasmine Quench Soap
  1. purple reusable stainless steel coffee cup on a white cloth with berries in the background.
  1. The Australian Natural Soap Company Vegan & Cruelty free Shaving Soap. On a benchtop with a razor, a shaving brush and beard and shave oil.
  1. 5 zerocare haircare eco detangler combs lined up
  1. Zerocare Haircare Eco Detangle Comb
  1. Zerocare Bamboo Detangler Brush
  1. Zero waste shaving soap bar on a bamboo soap dish sitting next to a rose gold reusable razor. With some green leaves and cotton back in the background. On white.
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  1. zero waste peppermint quench soap bar. Packaged free. 110g. 2 rectangle soap bars, one in focus, one bit blurred and with lavender in the background. On a white background.
  1. Reusable plastic free matt black razor on a cloth with some gel on the side. Flowers also in the background.
  1. Self Care Eco Gift Pack - 7 items
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