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All kitchen & cleaning

  1. 2 reusable produce bags in use. One holding Kale and the other one with about 10 or so apples. On a kitchen bench surround by fruit n veg.
  1. Blue reusable eco-friendly silicone baking matt
  1. Zero waste bamboo dish brush on a chopping board sitting ontop of the kitchen sink with the tap running in the background.
  1. Set of 4 silicone reusable drinking straws. Pastel in colour and cleaning brush in the cardboard box. On a kitchen bench top surrounded by watermelon slices.
  1. Solid dishwash soap bar on a bamboo tray with 2 kitchen loofah scrubs next to in. On a kitchen bench.
  1. Black reusable bread back on a green benchtop with bread rolls falling out.
  1. Bamboo handled zero waste dish brush on a wooden chopping board sitting on the sink with a wash cloth in hands. Tap running in the background.
  1. Family hub organics vegan food wraps 2 pack. Reusable, washable and compostable. On a white background.
  1. Set of 6 reusable silicone food covers. On a bowl, fruit and plates. Sitting on a benchtop with oranges placed around.
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  1. set of reusable lunch wraps. One with a roll placed in the middle(green) with a green, red and pink one folded up and sitting on top. On a wooden benchtop.
  1. The Naked Soap Company Versatile Soap Shavings
  1. The Swag Reusable Tea Swags x 4
  1. Ever Eco Sponge Cloths
  1. 2 silicone food pouches holding tomato sauce. On a kitchen bench.
  1. Set of 3 eco-friendly reusable food covers, plus one covering a left over salad. On a kitchen benchtop.
  1. Set of 4 eco-friendly stainless steel drinking straws. On a kitchen benchtop.
  1. For those on the go Christmas Gift Pack
  1. Onya Reusable Shopping Bag
  1. That Red House zero waste and eco friendly laundry stick. Wrapped in brown paper and on a white background.
  1. The Family Hub Organics Vegan Food Wraps Starter Set - 4 pcs
  1. zero waste compostable dish wash brush head on a white background
  1. 1 large green reusable green bulk food bad filled with grains. On a white background.
  1. 1 reusable plastic free silicone coffee cup with a white lid. On a white background.
  1. Onya Stainless Steel Reusable Drink Bottle 500 ml


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