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$30 & Under

  1. 2 all natural body loofahs sitting against a wall in a bathroom setting. Greenery in front.
  1. reusable zero waste cotton produce bags with 2 lemons and an orange inside. On a white background.
  1. Zero waste bamboo dish brush on a chopping board sitting ontop of the kitchen sink with the tap running in the background.
  1. 7 cotton zero waste make up remover wipes sitting on a cotton bag. On a white background.
  1. Blue reusable eco-friendly silicone baking matt
  1. 4 zero waste and plastic free kitchen loofahs/scrubs on a grey cloth.
  1. small cardboard box of compostable dental floss next to glass jar containing the dental floss. On a white background.
  1. 1 box of 100 pcs bamboo cotton buds and 1 box of 200 pcs zero waste organic cotton buds. On a white background.
  1. Diminish 3 Handmade Soap Bundle
  1. Ever Eco Insulated Smoothie Tumbler
  1. 1 box of earth greetings 100% eco-friendly washi tape. Green leaves.
  1. 4 bamboo eco-friendly soap dishes. On a white background
  1. Brush it On Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case
  1. 60 paged weekly desk planner by Earth Greetings. Nature designs and eco-friendly recyclable paper.
  1. Bamboo handled zero waste dish brush on a wooden chopping board sitting on the sink with a wash cloth in hands. Tap running in the background.
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  1. set of 2 zero waste loofah kitchen sponges. On a kitchen bench with a bowl and a cloth and a bowl to the side.
  1. All-natural eco-friendly pure love soap paired with a cotton soap bag. On a kitchen bench.
  1. purple reusable stainless steel coffee cup on a white cloth with berries in the background.
  1. 1 round all-natural zero-waste konjac sponge. On a benchtop.
  1. Earth Greetings Nature Inspired Journal with 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper
  1. 2 zero-waste and eco-friendly hair clips. Wood and metallic holding a girls fringe in place. Australian zero-waste shop.
  1. Zero waste bamboo wide tooth comb on a white background.
  1. 2 plant based and zero waste coils of dental floss. On a white background.


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